1st Update of 2014

I’ve neglected to adequately check in since it’s been 2014. Even though I feel like I could’ve done more, I’m still proud of making it this far. I didn’t last time.

Start Date: November 1, 2013

Height: 5’5”

SW: 270

CW: 238

GW #1: 220

18 pounds to GW #2!!

240 239 238 237 236 

235 234 233 231 230

229 228 227 226 225

224 223 222 221 220

BTW, I’m so proud of myself for getting into these jeans. I’d always wanted some designer jeans, but was too big to wear any. I saw this pair of Apple Bottoms for $7.99 at TJ Maxx and couldn’t leave them though I couldn’t even get my thighs in them. Well over a year later… They fit perfectly.

I’ve done it, y’all! I’ve actually succeeded at losing some weight! I’m proud of myself and am more determined than ever to get the next 40 gone, too! You have a MFP, tooo? Let’s be friends, yeah?

Progress Update!!

Start Date: November 1, 2013

Height: 5’5”

SW: 270

CW: 256

GW #1: 250

6 pounds to GW #1!!

270 269 268 267 266 

265 264 263 261 260

259 258 257 256 255

254 253 252 251 250


So much has happened in the few months I’ve been gone. I’m not even sure how to lose weight anymore. I’ve got a job, I’ve started college on campus, and I have a car. Like I said, I really hit the ground running. All of these things are what I wanted, but I’ve found myself right back at the weight I started at. Now, with less time on my hands, I can’t see how I should approach this. All my friends want to do is eat out (yesterday morning, I randomly found myself at IHOP with my bestie), I don’t make enough money to buy my own healthy food and gas, too. The only plus side is that the seasons are changing and it’s not so deathly hot outside, so if I make time to exercise. I’m going to have to really evaluate my life to know what I need to do. I didn’t lose weight the 1st time for nothing, but all my efforts are gone. I don’t know what to do anymore… Adult life with responsibilities and schedules is hard enough without wanting to renovate your body, but not having the time/will.


I can’t even binge! There’s absolutely nothing tasty in the house & I can’t bake anything because this time, we don’t have eggs. FML! I 1000 calories left to eat today, and I want something good! I guess in the long run it’s for the best, but right now, I’m NOT happy…

Before Pictures

I never really thought of the importance of them until today. It’s the same concept as those who say if we don’t learn from our history that we’re bound to repeat it. I want to see every stage of my weight loss. Even the tiny steps. So I threw on a swimsuit for the 1st time in a couple years and took some pictures. I wanted to cry, because I don’t really see myself much (no full mirrors in our house). I’m not ready to post them (at least not until I change my URL), but I’ve taken them. Maybe when I’m far enough away from this current body, I’ll have the courage to share…

How to Get Skinny

Wanna know how to get skinny the healthy way? These people know their stuff.

Long Overdue Update…

I didn’t realize I hadn’t updated my Tumblr stats since March, I guess using MyFitnessPal (add me if you want) distracted me. I can see why… When I look back at my older numbers, I’ve been losing weight rather slowly. Or maybe I’m expecting too much for the effort I’m putting into this, which has been faltering. I have been skipping workouts and I had a few rough binges, but the scale keeps moving, slowly, but moving.

I’m trying not to be hard on myself, because I’m still working on this and it’s taking me some time to into this new vegetarian/healthy lifestyle. But working out when it’s 90° outside is killer and disheartening when you break a sweat in 30 seconds just from the heat. No more excuses! I’ll find a way… I will be at or damn near my GW #2 of 240 by the time I start attending college in person in the Fall (August 20)! I’m getting my butt in gear!

My 1st full body picture of 2012…

Height: 5’5”

SW: 280

CW: 266.8

GW #1: 260


8.8 pounds to GW #1!!

280 279 278 277 276 275 274

273 272 271 270 269 268 267

266 265 264 263 261 260

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